yOu MuSt HeLp Me I hAtE cHiLdReN

You are the Class Clown. Hit the teacher with spitballs so the class pays attention to you, and then moon the teacher. The more of them that watch you, the closer I will come...

...and then I'll kill them all.

UP stands, and DOWN sits. Space bar is the FIRE button. It makes selections from the menu, and it moons the teacher as long as you hold it while sitting. While standing, it brings up your aim bar. Release when the star is over the green area to shoot a spitball at the teacher.

LEFT and RIGHT bend over to pick up the notes the girls throw at you to increase ammo, but right now this doesn't work, so you have a lot of ammo.

If the clock reaches 3, everyone leaves, and you lose.


This is my entry to HONK JAM. Some things I didn't get done before the deadline, but I'm working on...

  • Picking up notes to restore ammo
  • The kids giggle from time to time, which catches the teacher's attention and makes you have to hide.
  • The ammo GUI isn't showing up where it's supposed to.
  • There was supposed to be a story mode where the clown speaks to you, giving the story of the game and also tutorializing you.
  • Sound effects. There are 13 sound effects on the list that I didn't have time to make.
  • Adding difficulty levels on the start screen which change how fast the clock moves. It's in hard mode right now since there isn't any giggling to offer challenge.

In this release, I fixed a problem where the game wouldn't go back to the title screen at the end of the game, and a bug found by Elrenia in the Let's Play she made for it which you can see HERE.

Updated 14 days ago
Published 17 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual

Development log


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Hey, this is a really neat idea! I like the interesting interpretation of the theme which made it stand out. I appreciate the Amiga-style aesthetic as well, yet unlike many pixel art games everything is animated well and runs smoothly. This extra polish really reinforces the look you're going for and makes it look great! 

The gameplay is fun and simple enough. I like how the mechanics facilitate the idea you're getting into greater mischief and becoming more of a nuisance as you go on. It took a little time to figure out how to reach a win state, the relationship between the class, the teacher, and you mooning and throwing spitballs isn't immediately clear - but I figured out that 'getting caught' impedes progress soon enough.

The clown is on point! I like the little graphical hints that they are looming until the reveal, which is executed really well. Maybe some sound might punctuate the surprise, but otherwise I thought it was a fun scare and payoff for the game. 

I know you said you'd like to keep polishing this, I think you should! It's clearly had a lot of work behind it and it's been a pleasure to play it. 

Thanks for clowning around and submitting CLASS CLOWN to HONK JAM!


How do I make it past the title screen?

Space is fire, which, on C64 (which this game is inspired by) does everything.


Hai! I tried your game and It was super fun! I love the idea too. AHahaha...Made you a lil video: 

That was great, thank you! You actually found a bug... and I'm sorry you didn't get the full experience because of it. You won JUST AT THREE so the clown got sad and didn't actually come in and kill anybody. 

I made you a lil video in return so you could see the ending. Also, check out that masterful technique... you can get two shots in and hide. The clown only advances while kids are looking at you, and shooting the teacher gets their attention. But, if the teacher catches you and starts yelling the class loses attention and the clown runs away. I'm working on finishing development and I hope you'll try it again when it's complete.

(Oh, also, the glitch in the title screen goes to "Begin the Slaughter" and "Run Screaming.")

Ahahaha that was great! Loved it! Yeah mang, I'l keep an eye on it, feel free to tag me anytime, I forget sometimes ^_^