A prototype for a game based loosely on the classic Roadwar 2000, which I spent tireless hours playing on my Commodore 64 as a kid. Drive across the country attempting to escape the eventual nuclear blast that will wipe out the West Coast, collecting food, gas, tires, ammo, equipment, vehicles, and crew members as you seek to forge a path through this new world of atomic horrors.

Right now, it's in the VERY prototype stages. All you can do is hit SPACE to start a battle. The computer yells at you a bit that you're in danger, but the enemies don't have AI yet so they just sit there threateningly. On your turn, you can select your car or the enemy vehicles, which opens a context-sensitive menu, but you can only choose to move your car or end your turn.

Eventually, the game will contain...

  • Randomly generated vehicles, gangs, and individual crewmembers
  • Make your own character using my Wizard's Tale RPG rules, which allow for the creation of a character in any type of setting
  • Time passage with day and night cycles
  • Dynamic lighting, including the moon, sun, headlights, and taillights, that affect your stats differently
  • A map of North America, procedurally ruined by nuclear warfare.
  • A story mode where, after the first act, that map gets wiped out, and twenty years later it becomes a procedurally-generated wasteland
  • Camping, driving between locations, and looting locations
  • Get a fleet of up to nine vehicles, each populated by a crew hand-picked by you for their skills, characteristics, and personality traits
  • Sound effects and music (along with everything else) by me, the Wandering Wizard Simon Kalimanus

Please enjoy, and follow along on the adventure with the developer log, coming soon!

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